How to control the outputs of Fibaro universal binary sensor


Does anybody know how to control the outputs (OUT1 and OUT2) of Fibaro Universal Sensor ?
An Item definition will be very helpful…

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You can’t.
From the manual:
OUT1 – output no. 1 assigned to input IN1
OUT2 – output no. 2 assigned to input IN2

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Please let me know if is feasible to define Input 1 as Item and in this way to control indirectly the OUT1.

Contact    FibUniSens1_1    "Alarm1 [%s]"   { zwave="5:1:command=SENSOR_BINARY,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }
Contact    FibUniSens1_2    "Alarm2 [%s]"   { zwave="5:2:command=SENSOR_BINARY,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}

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Thank you. It will help me if I can use this contact item as a switch item. I need to close/open the circuit control by OUT1 when I press a button (a switch button). Maybe to define a rule ? What do you think ?

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Connect your switch physically to one of the inputs, the input will sense the state of the switch and switch the output accordingly (I guess … I have never used the outputs)