How to convert Enocean signal into a cgi-command?

I would like to do:
Signal from Hoppe SecuSignal (Enocean) to be used for activation/deactivation of alarm function of an ip-camera (Instar 9408, POE).
According to instar this should be possible by using the enocean signal to send a cgi-command to the camera.
I simply have no idea what hardware/software I need - any help appreciated!
I use a smarthome system from somfy. (tahoma), but I think it cannot do what I want.
I think I need a coverter or gateway and maybe openhab to program it ???
Thank you in advace, for feedback, and sorry in case it is the wrong board for the question or the question is too basic….

Something like

Hoppe SecuSignal <-> Enocean transceiver <-> openHAB Enocean Binding <-> openHAB <-> openHAB IP camera Binding <-> Instar 9408

might do the trick.

Hello, thank you for the answer, promising.
However I need more help. Enocean transceiver is hardware right? Searching for the term I mainly find what looks to be a single chip… where would it has to be assembled to?
Are there no ready to use products based on that chip?
Thank you in advance.

the best would be to use a RaspberryPi with openHabian installed on it.

After you set up the RaspberryPi you can buy a USB300 enocean dongle.

With this dongle and the enocean binding you are able to receive the protocols from your handle.

At last to automate your alarm trigger you need to create a simple rule which will arm/disarm your camera, depending on your handle state, via the MQTT binding.


Hello Dirk,
thank you very much - this is something I can make use of!
I understand I need a webserver, if I‘m not wrong I have beside the somfy smarthome control two more running, do you know if a synolgy nas or an avm fritzbox could do the job? Up to now I was not considering them…
Regarding raspberry - would a pi 3 model B with 1GB ram be ok, or do I need more power?
thank you again, Markus

None of the docs list the requirement for a webserver.
Traditional CGI run on a webserver. CGI on a webserver require a trigger and then will execute a program/action. In the above describtion the action is either executed by running an openhab rule that e.g. executes a shell script to remote control the CAM or to use MQTT messages to switch the state of the CAM. Both do not require a webserver.

You can use your synolgy and docker for openhab. The usb port at your synolgy can be used for the enocean dongle with docker afaik.
A Pi 3 with 1gb will work, but i recommend a Pi4 with more ram.