How to convert rgb value into hex in paper ui


I am currently using an hue device which excepts an hex value when i try to pass the hex value using mosquitto the bulb changes its color but when i am trying to do the same thing using openhab i am unbale to do so is there any way through which i can convert the value into hex using paper UI instead of using a dedicated rule for it.

Any help would be appriciated


PaperUI is an administrator’s UI and not able to do anything like that.

Perhaps you are using the MQTT binding with your openHAB Item and device? Perhaps some kind of transformation would do the job?
Show an example of the kind of MQTT payload you are needing.

when i pass an hexa code ussing mqtt topic i get the following
hexa code passed -#ff0001
Mqtt topic : zigbee2mqtt/philipshue/set/color

The color of the bulb changed to red and i get the following on the logs :

raspberrypi npm[1584]: zigbee2mqtt:info 2020-07-15 00:07:58: MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/philipshue’, payload ‘{“state”:“ON”,“brightness”:55,“linkquality”:107,“color”:{“x”:0.6976,“y”:0.2982},“color_temp”:37}’

Okay. What did you want to happen?
How are you “passing” this hexa code?

This looks relevant

I trying that the value of the color picker item should be converted into hexa value if that is done then the hexa value will be parsed easily using json

Can you share an example for it please

I don’t think Hue bulbs using zigbee2mqtt want any kind of hex code. Did you see this post?