How to create a new sitemap?

I have openHAB designer and do not have an option to create a new file?
How do you add a new sitemap file?
I have the demo file which I can get working, but wanted to create a new sitemap, but can not figure out how to do so after two weeks of wiki and reading everywhere I can find. Everything just says to create a new file.

Can you say a bit more about your config?
What is openHAB running on?
What is the designer running on?

In principle, if you can modify the demo.sitemap (it implies your file permission are correct), you can touch .sitemap (in Linux) or create a new text document in Windows (and name it .sitemap)… and then open it in designer.

I am new to OH as well, and did not find a “create file” option in designer either :frowning:

Max, Thank you for the reply. Somehow it sparked my brain and worked.
I solved it by going to my openhab directory, and adding a text file, then I renamed the text file to mydemo and changed the .txt to .sitemap
So I added the new sitemap in openHAB but did not add it through the designer.
Then when I looked in openhab designer the new sitemap was there, and I can edit it.

Not sure why it was so hard for me to grasp that…lol

Im running openHAB and openHAB designer on a windows 7 desktop. I also have an aeonlab z stick and will be using a leviton dimmer(zwave) and schlage zwave door lock.

Yes, you did what I meant.
I still find it lame that you cannot create a new file through the designer; but it is what it is :slight_smile:
Feel free to tick the solved tick if you feel like it. Cheers, Max

If you want to create a new file directly in openHAB Designer, there is no obvious way (no “new” Button), but there’s a trick :slight_smile: :

Select a file from the configuration and right click the file. Select “copy”. right click again (to the correct folder) and select “paste” -> type the desired file name.

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Smarty pants – there is always a way (around) :slight_smile:Good one: thanks!

CTRL-n on the “Sitemaps”-Tree (or any other tree for the corresponding file type) works also.


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Now this is golden advice. I’ve been using touch to create the empty file from the command line and a Designer restart. I create new files so infrequently that I’ve not looked into a better way.

Doh! I knew that. That is how it works in Eclipse. Can’t believe my brain blocked that. We have a winner!

For completeness, to save the file you are currently working on it is CTRL-s.

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