How to create an outlet item for HomeKit integration

I created an switchable item for HomeKit integration with this code:

Switch HK_FRITZ_DECT_200_1_Power  "Wohnzimmer"     <lightbulb> (gDECT_200_1_Power)  [ "Switchable" ]         { channel ="avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_200:192_168_188_1:xxxxxxxxxx:outlet" }

This works fine, I can pair and use the device within HomeKit. As described here it is also possible to create it as outlet. But when I change the code as follows, the item disappears in HomeKit:

Switch HK_FRITZ_DECT_200_1_Power  "Wohnzimmer"     <poweroutlet> (gDECT_200_1_Power)  [ "Outlet" ]         { channel ="avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_200:192_168_188_1:087610070492:outlet" }

The item is still visible in PaperUI but no longer in HomeKit. In the logs I cannot see any error messages. Can anybody help me to figure out what is wrong or missing to get a working outlet item for HomeKit?

I am using openHAB 2.5.4 HomeKit integration service and avmfritz!binding.

can you try to rename item, e.g. to HK_FRITZ_DECT_200_1_Power_2

I tried to remove and to add again and also to rename it. But within HomeKit the item does not appear. In PaperUI I can see it and everything seems to be alright. I think something else is still wrong or missing. Does anybody have another sample snippet? The documentation does not contain any outlet sample.

here is an example from my configuration. i use metadata but the same name should work in 2.x version as tag

Switch eg_outlet "Outlet [%s]" {homekit="Outlet", alexa="Switchable", channel="...}