How to create custom channel for zwave

Hello, I am new to openhab. Last night I installed openhabian on raspberry pi and install z wave binding. node is added successfully but channel is not showing under the things. so I can’t linking items.

Hello @Bhupendra_Prajapati1
We will need more details
Openhab Version
OS version
ZWave device
Extract of the logs


… also check the list of supported hardware for available channels on your device:

Thanks @vzorglug for reply
I used openhab version 2.3.0-1. and OS version Linux openHABianPi 4.14.71-v7+. zwave device Sigma design and devise type power strip


thanks @sihui for reply
actually I am not finding related hardware in this list there are 4 types for sigma design supported devices. so which we can use I don’t know. please guide further.


What about ?
Please don’t post screenshots. You should have an xml file corresponding to your node number in your /userdata/zwave folder.
Check for manufacturer, thing and device type id. It looks a bit odd that you have a manufacturer with 0000.
If you are a beginner don’t forget to read all the basic documents for zwave:

Yes - I suspect this means that device is not certified. I’ve seen a few devices with this manufacturer ID - we’ve added them to the database to allow people to use them, but if it conflicts with other devices, then it will ultimately mean that one or other device will probably not be able to be supported.

Personally, I would complain to the supplier and get certified firmware, or return the device.

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Thanks #chris-jackson