How to create frames (HABPanel)

Actually, the question goes beyond just frames. But, using the example picture here,
I’d like to create something similar. But I can’t find in the UI when creating pages (or editing my “home” page) how do create these items. I also can’t find anything in the documentation or this part of the forum giving examples of HOW TO without digging through 100’s of unrelated posts!

I’m assuming that this picture above is simply a “page”?
Using the living room as an example, how do I create the Frame (I assume that’s what it is) that contains the fan AND the light?
How do I add TWO items to that frame (the fan AND the light)?
And I don’t seem to see cool icons like those. Do I need to download more “stuff” for OH to use?

The picture, as the category of this post also says, comes from HABPanel, which is a separate ui with separate widgets.

Just a note: Tutorials and Examples should only be used for posting complete solutions, not for requesting solutions. I’ve moved this to a more appropriate category.

If you are really using HABPanel, then there is documentation for HABPanel both in the main docs:

And a little bit in the HABPanel Addon description:

If you are trying to mimic that HABPanel dashboard in a MainUI page, then there are many different possible answers to your question, but the most basic would be that you want to use a Layout page with the fixed canvas format and each of the “frames” that you want on the page would have to be a widget (either built-in or custom made). For the examples of the widgets that have two buttons in one widget there is no built-in widget for that so you would have to make it yourself.

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Thanks. I have HabPanel downloaded, but I guess I don’t know how to “launch” it yet. I will dig in the doc for HabPanel instead!

Upper right hand corner of the Overview Page in MainUI.


That’s where you’ll find BasicUI, HABPanel, Frontail, etc.

And Rich gets a GOLD STAR for anticipating my next question!

It’s working and now I’m having all KINDS of fun with HAB Panel.

Although it will always be somewhat of a hobbyist product, THIS is what home automation SHOULD be.

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As the author it’s refreshing to have this kind of feedback from time to time :slight_smile: Thank you John!

In HABPanel widgets that have a “font” entry, can I add more than 24 for instance and make it bold or italic?