How to create password login box OH2?

Hi friends, I’m following this tutorial:

and I’m registering a free host on and everything is working perfectly.
But there is one thing I am still concerning is that it would be possible for other people to access to my OH2 webpage. I need to create a login/password box ( the same as OH1 system). Because back in the days when I used OH1, whenever I entered the path to my OH1 webpage, it always required ID & password to login. At that time I used myopenhab cloud service as a tool for me to access to OH1 from outside the home network.

Is there anyway to create login box as I described? Please show me how <3. Thanks in advance alottt!!!

Hey, you already found the correct article. Authentication is covered here:

Btw the whole process is automated in the openHABian configuration tool.

Oh thanks for your reply…
I registered a free domain on called (just an example) and forwarded this domain to (my OH’s internal server IP - which is also my PC’s IP). Everything worked fine within the local network, it appeared the login box as I’d described before and was so wonderful. But I couldn’t access OH outside the home network.

So I did forwarded with my router from to port 80. On freenom website, I changed my domain to point to my router’s external IP, now I can access my OH by typing on the web browser outside the home network but it doesn’t require any user name and password to login , it’s just like access my OH from localhost:8080. Is there any problem?

Below is the picture of my router’s configuration when I forwarded its port: