How to create Routines and Scenes


I would like to know, how to create and configure the “Routines and Scenes” as shown in below image.

Where to define what has to happen when I click on Dinner, Night, Bedtime and so on ?


Hi there,

combine the items which should react to these scenes in groups and send commands via rules …


Is there a widget which allows us to combine items and send commands via rules from Habpanel?


Hi @Wurzelseppi, may I know how to accomplish this using Habpanel ?

I know that rules can be created from PaperUI, but I would like to create rules using Habpanel.

Now, I know that it needs to be built at Habpanel, please let me know how to approach this issue ?


  1. Can I directly call Rules Rest api from Habpanel ?

  2. Try to replicate the PaperUI editor in Habpanel, so on …

If someone from community has done any work on it, please throw some light.


To accomplish more complex stuff like rules I prefer the configuration with config files.

Is there a reason for you not to use them?

Sir, the only reason is, I don’t want to use manual configuration. Hence I would like to add that capability to Habpanel for “Routines & Scenes” creation dynamically using interface like rules.

Sir, I would like any of my family members to create/modify “Routines or Scenes”, with out me being the single point of contact.

Pardon me I did not understand your question correctly. Unfortunatly I cannot help you now that I understand it.

You can create rules using PaperUI.

Sir, sorry about not conveying properly, what I mean is, I would like to allow my family member to tinker with “Routines or Scenes” without using configuration files.

Hi, I guess you can do that with HABAdmin in a way, but you have to code the rules nontheless.

I am also interested to implement this feature (Routine & Scenes) . Please can any one give suggestions about routines & scenes.