How to define a virtual switch for Enocean / Teach in an Actuator

First of all I’m a total beginner.
I have a raspberry pi, an Enocean USB Stick and a unidirectional actuator of which I don’t have the id.
In FHEM I managed to build a virtual switch. And with that I could train the actuator and use it in FHEM.
Is there an way to do the same thing in openhab?
I couldn’t find a solution in the manuals.

Thanks in advance,

I’m not entirely certain this is the same thing, but in OH you can create an Item that is not bound to anything, which is what many OH users call a virtual Item. Then write a rule that triggers on that virtual Item which implements the logic to connect to and interact with your Items that are bound to something. This rule often includes additional logic (e.g. do something different if no one is home.

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Sorry for my late feedback. But I made some tests with fhem.
I found a hint how to do it in an old forum:!topic/openhab/ws6TFH-rNB8
I think the simulated rocker is what I need to train the actor. I tried this line:
Switch EnOcean3 “test” (test) {aleoncean=“LOCALID=FF:B5:96:80,TYPE=LD_F6-02-01,PARAMETER=BUTTON_DIM_B,CONVPARAM=UpPressedReleased”}
But I can’t train/learn the switch
In the logs I only see this:
21:08:23.322 [DEBUG] [o.i.r.i.resources.ItemResource:205 ] - Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/EnOcean3’ with value ‘ON’.
21:08:23.328 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents :22 ] - EnOcean3 received command ON

My Enocean USB has the following IDs:
BaseID FFB59680
ChipID 019E6B2D

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I made an other test with the enocean binding instead of aleoncean:
Switch Rocker (All) {enocean="{id=FF:B5:96:80, eep=F6:02:01, channel=B}"}
But again it doesn’t work.

Hallo Rich,

I have several unidirectional actuators of which I don’t have any IDs.
Under FHEM I could simulate a switch which is sending a command over the Enocean USB.
With that I was able to train the actuators to the Enocean USB Stick.
In FHEM I am not able to adress the actuators directly but I simply send a command like AI and the actuator reacts on that.
Now I’m searching for a solution in Openhab like in FHEM.
I hope I’m on the right way, but actually my actuators don’t react on my commands.
Do you have any idea where to look for the solution.
Unfortunately enocean seems to be not very common in the openhab community…

All of this sounds specific to the Enocean binding. I’ve no experience with this binding nor the technology so I will be of no help.