How to define group when I have "Number" items?

Right now I have such items

Number HT_Temperature1  { channel="mihome:sensor_ht:1:temperature" }
Number HT_Temperature2  { channel="mihome:sensor_ht:2:temperature" }
Number HT_Temperature3  { channel="mihome:sensor_ht:3:temperature" }

Is it possbile (if yes how) to create group in items to write this rule in such way:

rule "Temperature_control"
		Item gSensor changed 
		var sensor = gSensor. members.filter[sensor | sensor.lastUpdate != null].sortBy[lastUpdate].last
		if(sensor == null) logWarn("FILE", "Temperature_control: Something is missing, no Item has a valid lastUpdate!")
		// temperatura z sensora
		var Number currTemperature = sensor.state as DecimalType
		if( == "TempSensorSaloon" ) {

I know how to define if I have binary contacts using “OR” but how to define such group if I have “Number” items?

Group:Number:AVG gSensor

should be a solution. Take a look at

Do I need any operator in group definition ? Because I do not need AVG?


If not setting any operator, how to build the group state? In fact, even if you don’t need AVG, it will not hurt to have it… :wink:

I know, I know …but it is not look great :grinning: