How to delete Model items left over from previous install

Thought I’d share this in case anyone else hits this…

I completely reinstalled Openhab by overwriting my SD card with a new openhabian installation. (Because I was getting lots of errors after upgrading to Openhab 4 and I thought a clean break was the way to go.)

Upon reboot I was led through the installation process. I then had to recreate all my add-ons, bindings and Things. All fine so far.

However I noticed that my “Model” hierarchy was somehow inherited from my previous installation when seen through openhabian:8443/settings/model/. But it was empty when seen through If I created new Model items using, they didn’t appear when seen from openhabian:8443.

I tried deleting the Model items from openhabian:8443, but got an error saying “Item not removed: Not found”. And my log-file got an entry saying:

2023-08-24 21:12:50.593 [WARN ] [e.internal.SseItemStatesEventBuilder] - Attempting to send a state update of an item which doesn’t exist: DiningRoom

I tried shutting down Openhab and cleaning the database, and also rebooting my RPi, but the errant Model items were still there afterwards.

And grepping through all the files under “/var/lib/openhab/” didn’t find any items referencing my bad Model items.

This was all very puzzling as my openhab installation was completely new.

In the end I discovered I had to clean my Firefox cache to fix the problem. Now solved :smiley:

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi 3B
    • OS: Openhabian v1.8b
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java 17
    • openHAB version: 4.0.2
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Thanks for this. We’ll add it to the growing list of strange behaviors that Firefox caching is causing.

Yes the Firefox caching is annoying and also affects other things I use like my weather station.
I haven’t found a way to disable it altogether yet.

I may change to Opera browser as the caching is no so severe and my changes show after I refresh the browser page.

Did you try something that is described in

Yes I have done done something like that before. I have tried it again now and it seems like it is working.
I had this setting browser.cache.disk.enable already set to false but I didn’t have the second setting set to false. browser.cache.memory.enable

They are both set to false now and I made a change of my overview page and it appeared to work…yay.
The other night I was making changes to a widget and thought the changes were not working but it was the cache and I tested my changes on Opera and it was working.

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Alas, this, I believe, disables all caching that firefox does, which has it’s downsides. I don’t know if there’s a way to configure a per page/domain cache setting so that it only doesn’t interfere with OH.

Same problem and solution for Safari on iPad.