How to detect whether a z-wave device is disconnected in the rule


I would like to know when a z-wave device becomes unavailable. That can be either it runs out of power or leaves the network. I don’t want to just check the web ui or my mobile app. I would like to get notification when that happens. One way I can think of is to use a rule to either send a push notification or an email. The only problem is that I don’t know how to express this kind of trigger condition. From it seems like it doesn’t support this trigger either. My question is how can I get to know when the device is not available. I’m using OpenHAB 2.0 beta4.

Have you seen this discussion?

Thanks @rossko57. I’ll give it a try.

I tried to add this item

Switch SumpPumpPlugPing “[%s]” { zwave=“2:command=INFO,item=DEAD,refresh_internal=20” }

And add it to the sitemap for testing

Text item=SumpPumpPlugPing label=“Sump Pump Plug is offline” visibility=[SumpPumpPlugPing==ON]
Text item=SumpPumpPlugPing label=“Sump Pump Plug is online” visibility=[SumpPumpPlugPing==OFF]

And add a rule too

Rule "Sump Pump Plug Ping"
Item SumpPumpPlugPing received update
var state = SumpPumpPlugPing.state
if (state == ON) {
logError(“SumpPump”, “Sump Pump Plug is offline.”);
} else {
logInfo(“SumpPump”, “Sump Pump Plug is online.”);

I then unplug the smart plug, the runtime log says it’s DEAD.

07:55:00.381 [ERROR] [l.serialmessage.SendDataMessageClass] - NODE 2: Node is DEAD. Dropping message.

But the UI is not updated (not showing anything), and there no “Sump Pump Plug is offline” log.

Can anybody tell me how to diagnose the problem? It seems to me that the item isn’t created correctly. But I don’t know what’s wrong.


I guess this is not supported in OH 2. Look at this issue