How to develop a new persistence addon

Hi i would like to develop a new persistence addon.
I noticed that all persistence addons are located in the openhab1-addons repo.
Should new persistence addons also be developed there?
Which IDE Setup should be used?


I already read that but it’s only about openhab2 bindings.
No word of persistence addons.

Persistence hasn’t made it yet to OH2. I understand that one of the challenges for migrating persistence from OH1 to OH2 is to properly address UoM (Units of Measurement), which are not persisted in the current “OH1” persistence service layer. In essence, the persisted state information is dimensionless in the current persistence service.

So the answer is they should be contributed to the openhab1-addons repo?

That is my understanding.

The persistence addons are currently being migrated to the openhab2-addons repo. There are some open pr’s

And there is a pr to remove the persistence addons from openhab2-addons:

I didn’t look into the status of these pr’s. But I don’t think you should create a new persistence in the openhab1-addons repo. Maybe @Kai can provide some insight.

Persistence never really made it to OH2 and that is going to change with the mentioned PRs.
Unfortunately it requires openhab core packages to be renamed which is an API break.
This API break is going to happen for openHAB 3 only, so it is actually not really possible to write a persistence service for OH2.

Does this mean there can’t be new persistence services at all or should they be contributed to the openhab1-addons repo?

I guess no maintainer will accept a new persistence to OH1, because of the opened migration pull requests.

I suggest to open a pull request in OH2-addons (that’s where persistence will end up). But be prepared that the API will break soonish (but in a predicted way, ie org.eclipse.smarthome -> org.openhab package renaming).

Thank you for the blazing fast response time.
I did not expect to get an answer this fast.

Welcome to the openHAB Community :heart: :grin: