How to disable Info Log-Entries


I would like to disable the info entries in my log. I think that they come from the Samsung bindig.
in the Karaf Console I can do that via the Log:set level, but I do not know which logger that is.
How do I find out? The end of the logger reads: [rnal.service.RemoteControllerService]

2022-01-03 12:08:23.464 [INFO ] [rnal.service.RemoteControllerService] - Using Legacy interface

Thanks in Advance

You need to identitfy the package’s name. This can be done using the list -s command in karaf console as described in the Logging chapter in the docs ( see a bit further down in the linked paragraph ):

Thanks for your support.
But under list -s I can’t find a symbolic name ending with …RemoteControllerService

i’ll try it with the org.openhab.binding.samsungtv.

Edit: that was the solution. No more Log entries from RemoteControllerService