How to display a floor plan on the overview page?

Hello Community,

I have a floor plan ready and working, and I was wondering if there is anyway that this floor plan can be displayed on the “Overview” page, preferably filling it. Basically the Overview page becomes / contains only the floor plan with the link to locations etc… at the bottom.

I can defiantly add a link to the floor plan page or add a frame containing the floor plan page, but this does not look really good!

Cheers and thanks!

The floorplan pages have some of their own code under the hood, so you can’t just add the same floorplan yaml to the overview page. As you intuited, the only real solution is to import the floorplan in a frame. Here’s a brief example on how to do this most cleanly:

This indeed does the trick! Thanks a lot!
I am marking it as the solution for now.

in addition if you want your floor plan background to be white on the sides you may want to add to the above :

    --f7-page-bg-color: white