How to display in OH the native internal temperature of Alexa Echo

Hi all, in my setup I established communication from OH to Amazon Echo by:

  • Amazon Echo Control Binding, used when I want to make Amazon Echo speaking by means of Alexa TTS when OH sends a textual string from a rule
  • Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill, used when I want to speak to Alexa to set/get status of some OH items

Now, I found that Amazon Echo has an internal temperature sensor, as I can show by Alexa smartphone app

Is it possible to retrieve temperature information by Amazon Echo to be shown in OH? If so, I could add a sitemap string showing the current temperature in OH app.

I read Amazon Echo Control Binding but I cannot find the way


Hello Efaffa,

I have here a thing in the Echocontrol binding “Alexa Guard on Echo” which offers also a temperature channel.
I have no need for this but I think you can create a link and show on your sitemap so.

Hi, I cannot find this “Alexa Guard on Echo”, please drive me in.

I already have my Echo thing previously add by “Amazon Echo Control Binding”, which already linked “Speak” channel (the one I use to make Alexa speaking the string sent by OH)

There are a lot of other available channels, related to music, volume, radio, Bluetooth… but no one referring to temperature.

Please post some screenshots so I can see where you found that feature, thanks


But I am not sure if this feature is available in all countries, I am from Austria so on
I have an Echo Dot V4, maybe it is not available on older versions.

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Thanks, I have new Echo 4 (the “ball”) and sadly no option like you


I am from Italy so on
Probabily it is due to device and/or country :frowning:

Most (not sure if all) show two or more things in discovery. One is of type echo (or similar) and the other are of type smartHomeDevice. If you do not see a thing with the latter type, check in your account thing if discovery for smarthome devices is enabled. You have to select at least “direct connected”. Do not select “direct, over alexa an openhab skill” if you don’t know what you are doing.Do a scan and you should see the devices.

If that does not work, please ping me.

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Ok, I show you the flow
Things page, with “Amazon Account” and “Echo di Elena” (my Amazon Alexa Echo device with such temperature sensor)

If I open “Amazon Account” page:

If I add a thing from bottom right blue “+” button in Things page it shows:

and I click on “Amazon Echo Control Binding” + I click “Scan” blue button it shows:

Where I did go wrong?

If nothing is shown after you click on „Scan“, nothing is found. Is there anything in the log that indicates an error?

I’ll check and post asap.

In the meantime, could you please screenshot the OH page where you find this “Alexa Guard” thing which has the temperature channel inside?
Just to realize how your found things differs from mine, thank you.

Weirdly, I tried again to SCAN and for some reason the Alexa Guard is now displayed!

So nothing easier than browsing to Temperature channel and linking it to a new item

Thanks a lot! :partying_face:


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