How to downgrade?

I did an upgrade to latest unstable from Openhabian-Config. Can’t remember that I got any warning that this was not reversible… Have tried to go back to the stable version from the Openhabian-Config with no success. I have quite a lot of configfiles that’s been “updated” from OH 1.8 so any tips to recover would be greatly appreciated?


if you want to go back to older 2.X versions.

But you did upgrade from 1.X ?? Possibly you could do it with the method above (just the package name is different) but it was not designed to work that way, so safer and easier is probably to restore your old server from backup.
Going 1.X to 2.X of course requires to rework your config, you should have read about that in the docs and forum.
There’s even a migration tutorial you should look at.

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Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
I did a clean Openhabian install and moved and change the configfiles from the old OH 1.8 and read the tutorial for upgrading. I did not want to do the step with the 1x binding so that’s why I did it like this…All was working fine until I did the upgrade…

Well then. It is highly advised to migrate like that. That way you can run 2.X with your 1.X items files. Doing it all in one go is simply too much you change at once, so sorry to say but what you ran into was sort of to be expected.

Sorry, my mistake.
I did it very carefully and added things and edited part for part the items , sitemaps ,persistence and rules on the new 2xbindings so everything was working fine on the new stable 2.2. It was after I choose the unstable version it went wrong…

Hello, after a power supply failure in our grid my SD card got corrupted. There was no way to rescue it. So i bought a new card and would like to install Openhabian 1.4 with my old KNX binding 1… I do not want to migrate from 1. to 2. because there is no real benefit and it cost me a lot of time. Is there any way how to run the old version. I installed the old openhabian image but it automatically updates to the latest version. Please help. Thanks.

Openhabian is always going to pull the latest on any of the 3 release trains. You may be able to install the older version of OpenHAB with apt, but it would not be guaranteed to work.

Just looking quickly, I do not think there are any versions older than 1.6 available now.

So, the short answer to the subject question is No, you cannot downgrade that far back.

So this might be the version which I need to get to work.
openhabianpi-raspbian-201706161358 or
One of thes I used for my Pi.
Anyway can you give me an idea how I can install OpenHAB with apt?

The first thing openHABian does is update to the latest scripts which get you the latest OpenHAB versions.

I do not think OpenHAB is available in a repo to install with apt. It is too old.

That won’t work, openHABian only supports openHAB 2.X.
You can manually install openHAB 1.X on top of but will have to figure out how for yourself.

I’m sorry to tell but it would be really really bad advice to help you continue with 1.X
There will be no more support or fixes for 1.X. Here’s more info, but note I already wrote this 1,5 yrs ago, you’re overdue.
And don’t worry, things have improved a lot since so migrations work out rather smooth nowadays.

Note you do can continue using the KNX 1 binding (or any v1 binding) under OH2 without a need to change your KNX configuration and migrate that at a later point in time to the current v2 binding.

Check out the migration tutorial.

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Thanks. I will reply as soon as I have my system works again.

I tried the legacy mode. 1.x is working again. Perfect and thanks again.