How to easily identify a Fibaro Wall Plug with Z-Wave PC Controller


I have plenty of Fibaro Wall Plugs in my house, controlled from a RPI with OpenHab 3 and a Sigma Z-Waver Controller UZB3.

I have reinstalled OpenHab this week and all my Fibaro Wall Plugs are now named “Node xxx” (I wanted to recreate my config from scratch using the new way of working of OH3 instead of text files as I did initially)… So, I would like now an easy and convenient way to “identify” which Fibaro Wall Plug corresponds to each specific node on my Controller…

I did plug the Z-Wave Controller on my PC and using “Zwave PC Controler 5”, I can easily switch on/off the Fibaro Wall Plug corresponding to a specific node.

But I would like to find how to make it blinking instead. Indeed, I have to be in front of the Wall Plug to see that it goes On/Off or to switch all of them on/off a couple of time which not great for the devices plugged on them (NAS, Router, PC, Modem, Boiler, TV, Pump, Airco…).? Or I have to unplug all the devices in the house first :frowning:

Any idea, suggestion of software, piece of code or script, guide to do this with PC Controller would really be welcome !!! I am far from an expert in Zwave, etc… :frowning:

Thx a lot in adv for any help !

If supported by your devices and by PC Controller:

  1. Set all devices to ‘white’ (change configuration parameter 41 and 42 to 3).
  2. Set devices not yet identified to ‘red’ (4) one by one in order to identify the device you are looking at.
  3. Go to to next unidentified device.
  4. If all devices are identified: go to step 5, otherwise go to step 1.
  5. Reset colour of all devices.


Thx! The pblm is that I didn’t find how to send the appropriate signal (based on the values in your table) to the device with PC Controller :blush:

To swith on/off is easy because it’s out-of-the-box with PC Controller (it’s a “button” available on the selected node).

But I did google to find how to send the right signal to my FGWPe-102 from PC Controller and didn’t find details for dummies.

I understand that it must be done via the “Command Class”, but I don’t know what to send exactly… I found within PC Controler how to list all commands available:

Then, I tried to figure out how to use such Command.
I was initially expecting PC Controller to set the property Color of the node 45 to Magneta (09) with the command WITCH_COLOR_SET… But it didn’t work… (I did identify the node 45 by switching it on/off first :slight_smile: ).

I was howerver not sure it was really the command to be used, based on the description from the manual of PC Controler (here under) and bacause it was not listed in the “Command Classes” of the node 45 (screenshot above)…

So, I tried next the CONFIGURATION command class, with the parameter 41 (no idea how to find the rigth value… stupid idea: maybe the id of the paragraph from the doc provided above ??? ) and a configuration value of 09… withouh more success …

I guess I am not far from the solution… But not yet there either :frowning:


I think you can set the parameters directly from openhab. Just add the plugs from the ui. Set the parameter in the thing configuration page.

Just to check, do you have your old configuration files? You should have the node numbers there.

‘Configuration Command Class’ is the right class. Set Size to 1. Set the configuration. Then use ‘CONFIGURATION_GET’ to check the result.

If you can control your devices from OH, you can set parameters from OH 3.2+:

Settings → Things → [your Z-Wave device] → change parameter → Save (Ctrl-S):

This can easily done by openHAB itself:

Find the parameter number for switching the led in the device database:

Check if a channel has been created for your specific device and that parameter. If not, add it (plenty of old posts in this forum how to do it).

Attach a Number Itemtype to that channel and send the command:

Number FibWPlug1_LED_Color { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node41:config_decimal_param61" }

Indeed, using OpenHab was the obvious & most straightforward solution :slight_smile:

But I have to admit that I was initially too “lazy” to create the items to control the Things (possibly using a script). When I found PC Controller, looking for an alternative, I became more curious than lazy and wanted to spent time on investigating how to use it.

BIG THX to you Ap15e !! It works with size = 1 !!!

I can confirm both with a CONFIGURATION_GET… and visually, as there is a nice Magenta in front of me :blush:


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