How to enable SIS

Is there currently a way to setup SIS on a network?
SUC can be setup through HABmin or Paper UI but there isn’t a option to enable SIS.


Sorry - I missed this one…

I’m not sure how to activate the SIS mode - I’ll try and find out but as this sort of thing is not documented it might be difficult…

No need for apologies :slight_smile:
I am also trying to find some info on the subject and indeed it’s hard :slight_smile:
I did find that, for example Vera (amongst others) has a setting for this in the section of the controller.
If I find something I will post it


I’ve found how to do it - it’s not too hard to enable it actually as it’s enabled in the same call as the SUC configuration.

Great news!
Awesome you found it!
Does that mean SIS is enabled if you enable SUC or do you have to make a selection switch in the binding for it, like you did to enable SUC?

No - it would need a change to the binding to add this. In theory, it’s a simple change but I’d need to check a few things before I could confirm that’s the case :wink:

If you want me to help test, I would be glad too :slight_smile:

If i understand things correctly, according to GitHub, you made the changes and included it in last evenings binding update, am i correct? :slight_smile:
I downloaded and installed the latest dev binding, do i need to delete the wave-controller-thing and read it to see the changes?
If i remember correctly, the last time i did such a thing the controller got a new ID, is there a way to keep the current ID?

Thanks, as always,

No - I’ve made the changes, but as I’ve not tested it I’ve not merged it.

No - you won’t need to do anything as it’s only a config parameter.

Thanks for the quick response and for the clarification, clearly i misread :smile:

Cool, even easier :wink: