How to find bridge hardware?

I’m fed up with the instability of homee and would like to switch to openhab.
I would like to connect a range of zigby devices (philips, ikea, …) , some enocean devices and some AVM devices connectes via my Fritz!Box Router.

I understand that I can use my synology 216 which is running anyway.
What I don’t get is how I can get the synology or a raspy to talk to the devices. What hardware do I need to get the bridges for these.

Can sbdy pls point to some docs on this?

Kind regards

There are many Zigbee USB sticks that can act as coordinators for a Zigbee network.

Some of the more common coordinators are listed in the binding docs:

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Thanks, that helps.

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I’m very happy with zigbee2mqtt. Hardware costs less than 30€ and more that 1000 compatible devices.

And an lot of community users.

Thanks, Valentin. That seems to support all of my devices. Will give that a try.

Any recommendations for hardware to connect enocean devices?

Hi Vakentin (@vavo01),

I got myself that USB-Stick and connected it to my synology USB-Port.

Then installed Zigby Binding and CC2531EMK Coordinator-Thing and configured thing to use /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1 or usb2 as device name.
But thing remains offline.
Do I need to flash another firmware first?


Hi Ferdinand,

I’ve no idea about the zigbee binding. I use the stick with mqtt binding and mosquitto mqtt broker

I’ve also bought the stick already flashed and ready to use with zigbee2mqtt.

Zigbee2mqtt is also compatible with some enocean switches if they have “friends of hue” certification.