How to find KNX device address from ETS5/configuration problems

Hi all,
after spending few evenings on trying to configure openhab (both 3 and 2) to work with my house KNX system, I need to ask for help.

I was able to configure router, added generic KNX device and added a channel with device, everything appears as online, but when I perform ‘turn on/turn off’ action (in Openhab), nothing happens. I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I don’t have any KNX buttons installed as everything works on ‘doorbell buttons’ able to provide an action for short and long press.

I also wonder if the address of my device (lamp) is correct - below you can see an action to turn on/turn off from physical switch captured in ETS. I’ve seen in the documentation usually addresses looks like that 3/0/4+<3/0/5, but I see only one address when capturing traffic in ETS Group Monitor.

Log is clear, I see in events command is being sent, no errors in openhab log. Configured and tested this behaviour in both Openhab 2 and 3.

Any ideas how to move forward?
Thanks in advance!

I have done some more testing and once created a project in ETS, I can easily turn on/turn off device - captured the log where in first 2 rows doing that manually on the switch, row 3 and 4 is from ETS.
Still, not getting anything from OpenHab. Any ideas what to check next?

I have Openhab and KNX running for many years. I am on OH2.5 with my files in txt (not set up in the user interface) all done per instructions as given in the binding documentation. I am afraid without your things and items configuration, nobody will be able to help.
kind regards.

below is a sample out of my files for OH2.5 (I did not migrate to OH3 yet
knx.things file :
Bridge knx:ip:KNXIPGateway “GIRA KNX/IP Router” @ “KNX” [
ipAddress=“nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn” ]
Thing device KNXDEV01 “BINOUTPUT1” @ “KNX”
/* Lights */
Type switch : Light_GF_Office “Office” [ ga="<0/1/4" ]

Switch Light_GF_Office “Office” { channel=“knx:device:KNXIPGateway:KNXDEV01:Light_GF_Office” }