How to find the setMode configuration key

Does anyone know how to find the setMode configuration key for the RFXcom binding ?
The documentation states "You can use the RFXmngr application found in the Downloads section of the RFXcom website (Windows only) to get the valid configuration command."
I did download and install the RFXmngr application, I can set the mode in RFXmngr, but the application does not show the translated HEX code.

Hi @Stefaan_Vandevelde,

I couldn’t find this either - I downloaded the latest versions of RFXmngr last week to update the firmware in a bid to solve my OH2 -> RFXcom issue I’ve been battling with on and off since 2016. I searched all tabs, changed a number of configs and didn’t see either an option to generate or display the setMode HEX key, nor did it appear in the log output on RFXmngr.

It could be the documentation is now out of date and the option is no longer available.