How to fix a required "Comma" if a "Dot" is transmitted....for rules

I have an installation with JSON/REST values of a heating system…unfortunately the values of “Puffer State” come in as float with a DOT instead of COMMA…in presenting the values in GUI its no problem as it is interpreted as String I guess…at least its perfectly shown there…like 77.9%…but if I take now this item to build rules…like if Pufferstate <75 it does not react…and i’m pretty sure its because the 77.9 is not interpreted as 77,9…

Any suggestions? It would be hard to change the transmitted values already,…is there a way to do this locally at openhab instance?


OH Number items are quite happy with . for decimal point.

Guesses -
You’d usually do comparisons on Item.state, not Item.
Comparing a String Item with a number isn’t going to work well.

Show people your Item and Rule for useful help?

thanks for your feedback! I already realized that anyhow my heating system provides “DOT”…so it should work.
The strange thing is that I changed the transmission from external push to pull (xsl) and by doing so it changed the format from “integer” to float (below)…and now a working rule does not react anymore…please have a look at the rule, maybe you find the problem…(is a 25.0 required instead of 25?)

2017-01-05 16:58:03 - PufferState state updated to 68.8
2017-01-05 17:08:03 - PufferState state updated to 68.2
2017-01-05 17:18:03 - PufferState state updated to 67.4
2017-01-05 17:28:04 - PufferState state updated to 66.8
2017-01-05 17:38:04 - PufferState state updated to 66.4
2017-01-05 17:48:04 - PufferState state updated to 66

rule "ETA LowState - Logger"
Item PufferState received command
if (PufferState.state < 25 && ETA_low.state==OFF) {
sendMail(“xxxxxxxxxxxx”, "PSC-1000 is LOW reaching " + PufferState.state + “%”, “—EoM—”)
if (PufferState.state > 29 && ETA_low.state==ON) { ETA_low.sendCommand(OFF) }

Your log snippet doesn’t show PufferState ever receiving a command, but it does receive updates?

I see what you mean…frankly speaking i never exactly got when to use command/update…as this rule worked before when sending the updates via http direct push (/rest/items,…), it looks like as if via xsl it requires an update instead of command. will change and see if it works…thanks for your very fast support!

yesss, fixed it.

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