How to fix km200 (Buderus) beeing stuck after upgrade

After upgrading OH I usually have issues with the km200 binding (currently using km200 SNAPSHOT

The main point was, that the Things (temperatures, notifications, heatSources etc) were stalled in the state uninitialized.
Only the device itself (km200:gateway:gateway) was obviously running well (“online” in PaperUI).

Last time I needed to delete all the other things related to km200 in karaf (to really delete it, which was not possible in PaperUI) and create them new by PaperUIs automatic device detection.
However, there is a better (faster) way:

Edit km200 / Gateway Device ( in PaperUI and save it.
After that it went from offline to online straight away.
Accordingly the channels started to show up in the openhab.logs (which was not the case earlier).
The next step was going into Habmin (in some cases this is very helpful for detecting zwave devices or other tricky configuration) and edit the km200 Things:
Just change e.g. the location (with no change you cannot save) and save it.
That’s it - the thing should be showing up as online after a while.

I hope it helps.