How to fix some scripting warnings from Visual Studio

Hi all,
I have made a few rules for my son’s desk lamp, essentially in the rules I need to make comparison of brightness and send command to control brightness and colour temperature . The rules are all working, however when I open the rules in VS Code I received some errors, any suggestion how to fix them? Many thanks in advance!

First, run the code and see if it’s a “real” error. The syntax checking in VS Code sometimes has false positives when it comes to identifying errors, particularly errors having to do with types.

If this generates a real error when it’s actually run:

  1. Don’t specify the types of variables unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Don’t ever use DecimalType. Use Number instead.
  3. When posting code, logs, or configs to the forum, please post the text, not just screen shots. Use code fences.
    code goes here
var brightness = hsb.brightness as Number
if(brightness == 0 && Outdoor_light_sensor.state < 2000|lx)
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Hi @rlkoshak :
Thank you for your reply, sorry I didn’t paste code in my post.
I did what you suggested and it solves the issue, thanks a lot!
Regarding another issue, I need to cast PercentType to Number to make the warning disappear. Just in case anybody also experience the same problem, below is how I fix sendCommand warning:

desk_lamp_dimmer.sendCommand(new PercentType(2*seed) as Number)