How to get arrows to control AC temperature instead of temp diagram?

Hello everyone,

I’ve configured Gree binding for my AC and overall everything works great, but I’m not able to control temperature on Overview page of Openhab 3.0 GUI


Can anyone suggest what should I change to get arrows like below?

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That screenshot you found there looks like it’s from the old Openhab 2 sitemaps which don’t have a lot to do with the auto-generated overview page. I personally haven’t fiddled much with the latter yet, so I don’t know whether it’s even possible to do that.

What you can do, however, is creating your own page and adding Stepper or Slider items in the masonry section. You can also create a List item and add Steppers or Sliders to that if you prefer a more compact layout.

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Select the proper widget (a stepper card that would be). You can edit the default overview page.

Make sure first that you understand the differences between sitemaps and OH3 main UI before you proceed. Migrating one into the other is a largish project.

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This and the link it contains might help with getting a basic understanding:

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