How to get create items from channels to apper in VS Code 1.39.2 on Mac

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _IMAC/8GB/512g
    • OS: macMojave
    • openHAB version:Openhab2 on RPi4
  • Issue of the topic: I’m new to OpenHab and RPI4, I installed Vs code and able to see OpenHab config folder and files. I’m able to create new or open items files. When I click on the OpenHab link on the left side I can the things, but I can not right click to create items from channels to add it/them to my items file.

Do i understand you correct:
When you right click on a thing/item there is no option to copy it over?

Can you provide a screenshot?
I have tested it here and for me it is working fine.

Thank you Confectrician, It is working on my Macbook. I just reinstalled the App.

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Nice to hear and thanks for giving feedback here. :slight_smile: