How to get Grafana graphs correctly in BasicUI Sitemap


I want to integrate my grafana charts in my sitemap and have still 2 remeining issues:

  1. The chart / dashboard show always the complete grafana webpage - I want just to have the plain chart, ist there any possibility for that?

  2. On my iOS devices the chart / dashboard is not visible while on Windows and Android devices it is visible

enclosed my sitemap part:

Webview icon=weather url="\" width=\"450\" height=\"300\" frameborder=\"0\"" height=14

I cannot help you with your iOS problem but here is how to embed just the chart:



This URL will be for a fixed time range (a “snapshot” of what you are currently looking at) if you left “Current time range” on or the default time range if you turned off “Current time range”.
You will probably want to change/set the URL parameters for from, to and refresh so it shows exactly what you want.

The documentation for what you can set these parameters to is here:

e.g. If you want to match what you currently have you would use: &from=now-24h&to=now&refresh=5s

You then put this URL into your sitemap as you did before:

Webview icon=temperature url="" height=10