How to get Item name or attributes in HabPanel

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Creating a dashboard in HabPanel. All working fine, but I can only access information regarding the channel using “getItem”. Is it possible to access information about the channels parent item?

For example, lets say I have an Openhab item for controlling a pump. In OH, I name the Item “Hot Water Pump” and a second one “Cold Water Pump”.

A pump has two channels, one for On/Off and another for flow-rate.

In HabPanel, if I want to make a nice dashboard to represent each of the pumps, I would prefer not to duplicate the name of each pump in HabPanel through a configuration item in HabPanel, rather read the name of the channels parent Item and display that instead.

I cant see to find a way to do this? Any ideas or am I going about it wrong?


Sorry, just thought of another aspect also! In the previous example, the HabPanel widget I am creating is one where I want to display both the state of the pump and the flow rate. So, in configuration, I would need to specify two items. However, it would be preferable to only specify one and then dynamically get the details of the sibling channel. Any way to do this?

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HABPanel doesn’t know about channels and things, only items. You can get the label of the item in a template with getItem(name).label

Not possible, but if you have some sort of naming convention for your items like Hot_Water_Pump_State, Hot_Water_Pump_Flow you can specify only one of them in the configuration and derive the other with something like <div ng-init="flow_item=config.state_item.replace('_State', '_Flow')">

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Thanks Yannick.

Unfortunately, the label’s of my items are labelled as “Pump Switch”, so getting the .label for same will not give a meaningful name. That said, I think I can look at changing my binding so that it deliberately names the items in a more expressive way such as “Cold Water | Pump Switch” and then use your second trick to parse and display it etc…

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OOps, scratch that. The label for the channel is defined in channels.xml, so cannot change dynamically at startup to have the Items label appended. Hmmm…back to the drawing board!