How to get Netatmo Doorbell working

Hi all,

somehow I am not able to figure out how to setup the Netatmo Video Doorbell with the netatmo binding.

What I have:

  • openhab 3.4.2
  • installed netatmo binding
  • I did setup an app on and used the clientid and secret to configure the bridge (which is online)
  • I added the doorbell thing, which is online as well.
  • I added a couple of items to the channels of the doorbell
  • I can use the snaphot image in my sitemap
  • I can see timestamps for event and subevent

What I don’t have:

  • When I stand in front of the camera or ring the bell, nothing happens. the event type or sub event type is not updated, it’s always “outdoor”. (I suppose, this should update if someone rings the bell)
  • Do I have to configure the webhook? Is there documentation of what features only work with the webhook?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it. Maybee someone is kind enough to shed some light on this.

help is greatly appreciated!


Look at this issue

There is an enhancement not yet merged.

What is for sure is that without webhooks, you can’t achieve real time notification : Channels will get updated on next refresh run.

But with configured webhook the event should update right away? How can I verify a correctly working webhook?

Do I have to add the webhook URL to the dev.netatmo site as well or just in the binding?

What is the best practice for the webhook url? I do not expose my openhab to the internet, I am using myopenhab for remote access. I assume, that I cant use the url for that purpose.

You don’t have to change it in the Netatmo Dev console, the binding will do it for you.
IIRW you can not go through because you need credentials to connect to your instance and Netatmo will not accept such a webhook url.
I do not use webhooks right now but started to setup desired infra with a nginx exposed to the Internet, proxying webhook payloads to openhab. This is not finished on my side. I’m sure some other are using webhooks on the forum.

I setup webhook and nginx with the doorbell and it works fine for instant notification. I use the httplistener binding. I do not have access easly atm because I‘m travelling.
Here you find the details:

The netatmo binding also have a bug regarding delivering the correct values for some channels. There is an open issue in github for that.

My doorbell does not even come online anymore. I think it did before but now it only says:


If your doorbell is offline (this happens to me from time to time also), check its status with the Netatmo App. You may have to power cycle it.

The status in the app is fine. I sometimes loose connectivity there as well due to the known wifi problems the doorbell has. But right now everything seems fine. If I didn’t have to cut power for the whole floor to restart it I would do so but this is not a good solution for me. Unfortunately I don’t have a switch just to reboot the doorbell.

If the status is fine in the app, it should get back to normal on next refresh in the binding then.

It’s been offline for days if not weeks or even months. I haven’t built any automatons based on the doorbell yet so I don’t know since when it stopped working. Maybe I will power cycle it at some point but right now it does not bother me too much. Would still be nice to know how to get it working again :wink:

I set up an nginx to reverse proxy my netatmo/webhook to the internet. As far as I am concerned it is working with the netatmo binding. Only thing I could test ist standing in front of the camera, which got notified right away to openhab. I can not test ringing the bell right now, family is asleep :slight_smile:
I continue testing tomorrow.