How to get OpenHAB2 run in Docker with all desired bindings auto-installed?

I want to get run OpenHAB2 2.2.0 in a docker as descriped in the corresponding OpenHAB 2 doc. Whenever I stop the docker, destroy the container, what is required to restart the docker, it starts up fine, but I always need to manually reinstall avmfritz-binding! So I could never have a real automated restart.

I have already tried to configure services/addons.cfg with this line:

binding = "avmfritz,ntp"

but still no joy… ntp installs, but avmfritz not…

My configuration is fully text-based without any paper-ui fiddling. My OS is Ubuntu 16.04.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Does it appear in your list of bindings in PaperUI or the Karaf console?

Can you install it through PaperUI or the Karaf console?

Yes, it appears there and I can manually install it.

Best I can offer is to open an issue, though I’m not sure where it would best go. There might be a typo somewhere. I guess you can start with the openhab2-addons repo.

Would be nice if you opened an issue… What do you mean with “you can start with the openhab2-addons repo”? What can I do from my part?

I don’t like to open issues for others because often the developers need more details or information or will want you to try things. Since I’m not actually experiencing the problem I won’t be able to provide that.

Create an issue, reference this thread, provide as much detail as possible. Respond to questions when asked.

Pulled new docker image and now none of the bindings becomes autoinstalled and every restart of docker or machine results in bindings’ uninstall. Opened an issue as suggested by you.

The issue here is that you shouldn’t add the quotes. Instead use:

binding = avmfritz,ntp

I could reproduce and fix it this way.