How to get P1 telegrams from remote RaspberryPi?

In my setup the OpenHAB server runs on a Ubuntu server. On a remote raspberryPi I have connections to a DSMR electricity meter and a Landys & Gyr UH50 heat meter.
The DSMR binding expects the OpenHab server to have to connection to the electricity meter.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get the electricity consumption data into OH?

Sort of similar setup here. OpenHAB is running on Ubuntu with two remote Raspberry Pis wired to sensors (in my case reed switches). I use MQTT to publish the sensor data to openHAB. I’ve recently posted a lot about my setup on this thread.

There are multiple ways, indeed program an Arduino with p1 reader decoding and mqtt (I have example of that if needed, it is what I personally use)

Alternative is a serial to ethernet gateway and on the receiving side run socat to convert it back to a serial port. The cheapest gateway would be an esp8226, than I it is directly wifi enabled

I need to read better…
If you have a rpi on the remote side than you can run socat on both sides

Thanks all, for your suggestions.
I’ll start by exploring the MQTT way as I intend to use it for other purposes as well.