How to get rid of "Send queue is full! The eBUS service will reset the queue to ensure proper operation."

yesterday I installed the bindings on OH2 for eBUS (HW is based on FHEM concept). I browsed through this forum and broader internet but couldn’t find any solution for me.
I set the transport-serial using openhab console as suggested in one post but it doesn’t help. I noticed this appears after some time regardless if HW is connected or not. Also, I can’t make my set parameters working (even though it sets them in the OH and change is properly notified in events.log they get immediately overriden from the binding with previous value). I don’t know if it has anything to do with the above problem but raising it just in case it may be. Any suggestions?

I get the same error message on OH4.0.3 even if I do not set parameters. It seems that the reason is some kind of polling. If so, I believe that some item values will never get updated, even if they change on the heating device.
Is it possible and useful to extend the queue size? Can it be done by configuration?

After setting the polling intervall of the different ebus things to different values (61s and 71s) the error messages disappeared.