How to get Selection elements to use default mappings from a binding?

I am hoping I missed something and what I am trying to do is easy, but it appears to be missing from the docs. Can you use the default mappings that are inside a binding without needing to redo the work a second time by typing in a custom mapping for a Selection element in your sitemap file?

If I go to the CONTROL tab of paperUI it works how I want it to and the friendly names are all there, but not in the sitemap without creating a mapping which seems stupid as it is doubling up the work when it is already done.

I have written a binding that uses a number channel and have given all the numbers a nice friendly name tag in the thing definition XML file, yet when I leave out a mapping in the sitemap the drop down box is blank and empty. Is this normal and is there a way to load the work already done without doing it a second time over in the sitemap?

Yes I have looked here and searched the forum and came up blank…

Have you tried a Default widget? I suspect that is the best you may get with sitemap, as it essentially a version 1.x legacy

I did, default gives a read only list of numbers and no friendly name. By read only I mean you can not select one from the list at least this was the result on iPhone app with 2.4 stable. Selection gives a fully blank list with no numbers or names.

So the solution is to use habpanel or Re type all 80+ preset names out again? I take it the paper ui replacement is still not released and won’t be for over a year from now in openhab3 ?

I would not entirely trust the iPhone app as representative af all sitemap based UIs. It may be worth trying BasicUI.

PaperUI is an administrator’s interface and any replacement would be of no value to your user facing UI.

I do not know what the release schedule might be for UIs that have not been devised yet.

I do not know if HABpanel fares any better in this case.

Thanks, you’re correct. It works as I expected it to in BasicUI with a Selection element so this “may” be an issue with the iPhone app I created an issue at GitHub.

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