How to get sliders to reflect current state

I have my Basic UI running great now, so I’m tweaking a bit. One of the things I’m wondering about is how to get the dimmer sliders to reflect the actual settings when the device is manually set outside of OpenHab, or when the “All Off” and “All On” commands are used. So, in other words, if a dimmer slider is set to full on, and I manually dim the switch on the paddle to 50%, the slider stays where it’s at on the Basic UI. I’m using GE Z-Wave switches ( ZW3005) and the Aeotec Z-Stick into a Raspberry Pi 2.

Is there a way to make the slider reflect the setting of the switch, regardless of where that setting was made? Thanks as usual!

Which bindings do you use?

If switching outside openHAB, you have to ensure the binding updates all states in openHAB.

For the GE ZW3005 switches, I’m using the Z-Wave binding by Chris Jackson. Is there another that might be more appropriate?

GE Switches do not report their state when you manually trigger them.

Hmmm… Well that stinks…

What brand switches do report their states?

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