How to get stable connection in Bosch Indego Binding

Hello there,

does anyone have a stable connection running with the Bosch Indego Binding?

I am running now on OH 3.1, but it was the same before my migration the week before.

It seems that it can only connect as long as you are not logged in in the Bosch Indego App on you smart phone, which is not practicable as there are things which can only be set or checked in the app.
As soon as you log in with the app (also if you directly log out again), the thing in OH will go offline after some hours.

Also, my system is getting very unstable as soon as I have that binding installed. See my other two topics on this:

  1. There seems to be a memory leak (Out of memory exception after some hours)
  2. Even if I have the binding disabled, my zwave controller is having issues

So, does anyone else use this binding successfully? Are there any tips or tricks?