How to get the Paradox alarm binding

Here is a newbie question:

I can see the documentation for the Paradox alarm system binding here:
but the code is not available through my Paper UI. How exactly can I get it for installation in my openhab2 system?

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What version of OH are you running? That binding was merged after 2.4 release so your best bet is to upgrade to the 2.5 M3 release.

Thanks for the tip: I will try that.


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I just did the upgrade to 2.5 M3 but I am now getting a new problem. The system appears to be starting normally, but it reports an error upon loading my sitemap file, even though I have not changed it at all. Here is the relevant section of my logfile:

2019-09-30 17:56:44.171 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'default.items' 2019-09-30 17:56:44.462 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model 'default.sitemap' has errors, therefore ignoring it: [1,1]: extraneous input '' expecting 'sitemap'

2019-09-30 17:56:44.536 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘rachio.things’
2019-09-30 17:56:45.706 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘default.rules’

My sitemap file begins as follows:

sitemap default label="default" { Frame label="Soleil" { Text item=Sunrise_Time Text item=Sunset_Time Text item=Azimuth_soleil label="Azimuth [%d °]" Text item=Elevation_soleil label="Élévation [%d °]" }

Any idea what the problem might be?

Many thanks.

If the sitemap line the very first line of the file? Please How to use code fences for any code or logs.

It’s complaining about row 1 column 1 of the file so there is “something” before the “sitemap” key word.

Sorry about the code fencing but I did ust the “” and " delimiters. Next time I will try the triple backquotes to see if they work better.

The portion if code I quoted is at the very beginning of my sitemap file: there is absolutely nothing before.

I wonder if this could be a character encoding issue. My openhab is running under Windows 10 and I did experience some encoding issues in the past. For example, whenever I would use French accented characters in my items file, they would disappear in any output generated from there, even though such characters proved to be OK in my sitemap file.

Hello, I would suggest to check this forum in case of any Paradox Binding questions: Paradox EVO Binding We’ve been working on this topic long time. You will get lot’s of useful info about text config etc. We can also help solving your issues.

That could be the case. UTF formatted files have a hidden little set of bytes at the start of a file and if OH is trying to read that in as ASCII it might be interpreting those first couple of bytes as a character.

It might be worth copy and pasting the file or creating an empty sitemap on the Windows machine and see if that makes a difference. If the new empty sitemap works you can then paste in the stuff between the { } from your old one to the new one.

@kovacsi2899 Yes, thanks for the info. I will be checking the forum you mention as soon as I can get the basics of my system working again.

@rlkoshak Yes, you are right: I did manage to get my sitemap file read in after I followed your suggestion of copying and pasting the contents of my old sitemap file into a newly created text file. Unfortunately. as a side effect, the French accented characters that are part of my sitemap are now getting lost in the output. Is there a way to get iso-8859-1 or utf8 files to be handled correctly by openhab?

The short answer is yes. The answer to the real question (how?) I don’t know. You’ll have to search the forum for encoding and see what comes up.

Ok, will do. Thanks, Rich!


Have you managed to get you paradox alarm system running with Openhab?
I am a Newby…Infact a “dummy” as I have absolutely no programming experience. I installed openhab on my raspberry pi with much help on youtube.

With babyware and my ip150 I am able to fully access my alarm panel so I know my settings are correct.
Initially, I thought it was as simple as adding thing from PAPER UI and then openhab will automatically find my alarm panel and work. But clearly this is not the case. After some reading I understand that I also have to add code to the various files, Things/Items/Site maps. Could you perhaps assist me with a detailed instruction/explanation on how to go about doing this? I know my question might sound very dumb but I am a newby and will educate myself as we move along. An example of the code in the various folders will help much.

Hi Logesh,

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the paradox binding to work with my ip150. Apparently, the designer of that binding was using version 2 of the IP150 firmware. My IP150 is running version 4, which is apparently incompatible with the binding.


Hi Pierre

Thanks for the speedy reply. I will check what version I have running my IP150

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L Naidoo

If you follow up the thread what I have linked, you would see that it has solved and binding works 4.X firmware more than two months! I have updated my modul as well.

I would close this thread as this is not a main discussion thread and it contains outdated information.

Hi, as advised by kovacsi2899 you ca put questions in the other thread.
Firmware 4.x is now supported with latest update on the binding as it requires AES encryption support which I’ve implemented at the beginning of the year.
Please move to the other thread. as it’s more relevant for your use cases.
Also please be advised that SP-series are not supported. Only Evo-series are currently supported by the binding.


Hi Pierre

I managed to manually add the PAI and I am getting coms via my mqtt broker. My only challenge is to now manually get the mqtt bridge working between openhab and the actual alarm panel …I am struggling with that piece of code. The binding found in openhab is not only for an older version of the IP150 but only for the evo panels and not for the MG panels so I guess everything has to be written manually and with mqtt

Thanks. But does this work with MG5050 panels ?