How to get the text definition from an existing item --> Clone Items via ‘Create Items from text definition’

I have a number of items that I want to clone multiple times.
Specifically, I have several flower care sensors.

I would like to use the “Create items from text definition” feature, to quickly create/clone the items.

But I don’t have much experience with creating items from text definition, because I’ve never used it. I’ve started with OpenHab 3x.
So is there a way to get the text definition from an existing item?

Side note:
I can’t create from things because I don’t have the appropriate thing. I’m writing the item values from a HomeAssistant system using the RestApi.

AFAIK it doesn’t work for now.
but the syntax isn’t that complicated…
look here

Mine looks like this:

Switch dummyswitch "Dummy Schalter" <dummy> (gRestore) 
Switch dummyswitch2 "Dummy Schalter2" <dummy> (gRestore) 
Dimmer dummydimmer "Dummy Dimmer" <dummy> (gRestore) 
Dimmer dummydimmer2 "Dummy Dimmer2" <dummy> (gRestore)
String dummystring "Dummy String" <dummy> (gRestore) 

Or this

Number:Energy BKW1Persi  "BKW1 Save" (gRestore, gHistory) 		{stateDescription=" "[ pattern="%.3f" ] }

Or… just use file-based items