How to get work any Weather forecast Widget?

I have a problem to get working any Wheather forecast under openHAB 4,
I have working OWM bridge :

I also added two things :

But One Call API is communication error :

So what are next steps ?

I think I must create a items. But which items ? Under “Local Weather and Forecast” or “Local Weather and Forecast (One Call API)” ?

But under “Local Weather and Forecast (One Call API)” are all items = NULL

Thanks for help


First of all, use either the Local Weather and Forecast Thing or the One Call API Thing, not both.

The error indicates that you’ve either not filled in the API key correctly in the OpenWeatherMap Account Thing, or you signed up for the 2.5 version of the API but selected the 3.0 API or vise versa.

Make sure the version corresponds with the account you created.

Also, if there is an error shown on the Thing, there is almost certainly errors in the logs with more information.

Yes one or the other but not both. I think the One Call API is preferred.

Thank you for your answer.
My account :

Here I can’t see for which API version is key generated
And under bridge is selected API 2.5:

I also tried change to 3.0. Bridge is still online :

But One call API still with the error :

So preferred One Call API doesn’t work and also created items are NULL


So I found that problem is Openweathermap :

there must be a credit card registered. Otherwise one call api isn’t working