How to Group tradfri Lights with Paper UI

I`ve 6 Bulbs and 1 Remote of Ikea Tradfri and everthing works fine. I just want to dim the 6 Bulbs in 2 Groups. How to group them inside Paper UI?

You know how to create Items, correct? A Group is just a type of item.

The Group is a special Item type that can be used to define a category or collection into which you can combine other Items or Groups. An Item may be put into one or more groups, and groups may be nested inside other groups.


I created a group but cant link the brightness items of my bulbs. so what do i do wrong?

Group the brightness channels and use this group item as a slider.

Your can’t group channels. You can only group items

Did you create items linked to each relevant channels?

Off course you can. Just combine them in the channel using a comma.

Color 	LightItem	 "Lights"	 ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:0210:0017884f6873:1:color,hue:0210:0017884f6873:37:color,hue:0210:0017884f6873:3:color,hue:0210:0017884f6873:54:color" }

That’s not a group, that’s linking several channels to ONE item

The OP said:

I don’t know if the OP has made the difference between items and channels yet
And I have a strong suspicion that he is using the PaperUI as a control interface.

But I would love to be proven wrong

Yes, i missed the PaperUI reference, so i am sorry for my invalid answer.

But i enjoy to spread knowledge about grouping channels into one item (without PaperUI). :wink:

That was what i meant, but youre right. Thats not a group item, but its a group. :see_no_evil:

And again, no, it’s not a group.
It’s linking several channels to one item.

A group is an item aggregating several items

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Because OH has been specific terminology, it is vital that you are clear what you mean. “Group” had a very specific meaning in OH. It becomes very confusing when you use that word in a different way (e.g “grouping Channels in an Item”).

A far less confusing way to say the same thing would be “linking multiple Channels to the same Item.” Also note how when I use OH terms, I’ll use a capital letter to make it even more clear that I’m referring to an OH concept and not the generic concept.

Conceptionally saying “grouping a bunch of channels on an item” or calling such an arrangement a “group” is extremely confusing and should be avoided.