How to handle Thing from openHAB2

New to openHUB, my Coolcam PIR and door switch was listed as “unknown”.
I did find them i cd.jackson database, however not knowing better, nor finding any information on how to use the the xml file to openHUB2.
Tried to paste into a “textfile.things” in things folder but when I scan for devices i only ends up with the “unknown”.
How is the manual thing process work, is the textfile. things automatically scanned or do I have to take some other steps ?

Look to see when the items were added to the database. If it was recently you may need to install the snapshot.

The database is embedded in the binding. You cannot just copy the xml anywhere to have the device recognized.

Finally, if they are battery powered devices you need to wake them up multiple times to give the binding enough contact with it to discover what it is.