How to heal the z-wave network?

I was using OH with my z-wave stick (Aeon gen 5) for nearly three months without any issues. Out of the sudden the zwave network fell apart, 20 of the nodes are inaccessible (grey in habmin), 7 marked dead (red). Healing did not help, the problematic nodes were skipped during the healing process with a message that the node had not been initialized yet.

Rebooting the server nor resetting the usb did not help either. I also cleared content of etc/zwave deleting node?.xml files, some of them were recreated, but only the green ones.

I see a lot [ERROR] [eController$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Protocol error (CAN), resending in the log, than the zwave part of OH stops completely.
I see also warnings like "[WARN ] [.o.b.z.i.p.c.ZWaveCommandClass] - NODE 12: Unsupported command class POWERLEVEL
2016-01-16 23:25:05.696 [WARN ] [.o.b.z.i.p.c.ZWaveCommandClass] - NODE 12: Unsupported command class FIRMWARE_UPDATE_MD which I did not notice before.

Is there any way to recover the network without resetting/reincluding all nodes?
I have nearly 40 of them, some are hard to access, moreover I am half of the world apart from the server at the moment and my family back home complains for the non functioning system. So any idea how to cure it from the distance would be great.

The ‘Protocol error (CAN)’ is not good - what hardware are you using?

The ‘Unsupported command class’ warnings are nothing to worry about - it just means some functionality (like reducing the RF power, or reloading the firmware in the cases you show) isn’t possible, but these are normally things that aren’t used daily.

It’s hard to comment much further without a debug log - sorry. If the devices are just timing out (as it seems if some devices are working) then there’s no way to resolve this without sorting out the network topology (ie moving things around, or adding devices to improve coverage).

Powering off and on the whole house (via main circuit breaker) helped. Apparently one of the nodes went crazy.

Let’s hope it doesn’t do that too often :wink: