How to hide items in Model view

Hi togteher,

In my configuration I use some items for rules to check some state which were set in other rules or events.

Therefore this items are shown in the Model overview, as shown in the picture below:

Is there a possibility to hide this items in the Model view? Or how can I setup the item, that it is not visible in the Model view.


Don’t give the Item a semantic tag. Not all Items need to be in the model. In fact I’ve only about 60% of my Items in the model.

If the Item doesn’t contribute to the model and doesn’t need to be shown in the Overview Pages, leave them out of the model. Remove their semantic tags.

Only Model Items Shown:

Non-semantic Items (i.e. Items outside of the model) shown:



I too struggled a lot with adding items from text files to the model. Actually the solution is quite simple.

Choose a position in your model where to put those items. I created a location (=Group) ‘Allgemein’ in house. There I added a thing using the gui - no items, just a generic thing. I then chose the thing and clicked on ‘add points’ (=items). In the following dialogue make sure to also show items outside the model.

Check the items you want to add to the thing and voila: items from text files are added to the model.

Mind that things from text files cannot be added that way.

The not recommended but hardcore way would be to manually edit the json DB - that also works…

Thanks together,

the first suggestion from @rlkoshak works for me. I removed the semantic class and the items gone.

Thanks a lot!