How to identify compatible hardware?

Hi there. I’m new to OpenHAB but familiar with writing software and arduino/rPi tinkering.

In planning out my OpenHAB setup, I’m trying to determine how I can find compatible hardware. For sensors, I think I’ll just be building ESP8266 arduino nodes that send data via MQQT.

My next agenda item is power sockets. Is there a general method by which I can determine what WiFi sockets are compatible and which aren’t? I need something that’s UL listed and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

A quick search on Amazon for “Wifi” outlet yields an enormous number of options, many stating compatibility with Alexa/Google. I’m not sure if that’s any indication of OH compatibility or not.

Long story short… is there a list of comfirmed OpenHAB compatible hardware? Also, what’s the general procedure for determining if a hardware widget might be compatible with OpenHAB without necessarily buying one and taking it apart.

Thanks in advance!

Search the docs to see if there is a binding for the outlets you plan on purchasing (e.g. if looking at outlests from Yeelight, search for “yeelight”). If not then the outlet is probably not compatible. If so, open the binding README (should be the first link in the results) and see if it has a list of explicitly supported devices or a list of explicitly not supported devices. If there is no list then the binding should work with any device from that company/technology (e.g. zwave).

It does not.

If you are OK with a little DIY/modification then search the forum for the technology/company and see if someone has posted about an alternative firmware you can upload onto the device to make it talk MQTT. For example the Sonoff devices from ITEAD can be flashed with Tasmota. Most ESP8266 based devices should similarly be flashable.

Such a single list is simply not feasible. There are over 300 technologies and APIs officially supported and each of those can support hundreds if not thousands of individual device models. And new models are being added every day. The amount of work to create and maintain such a list is huge, the benefit is dubious (do you really need to list all the TRÅDFRI device models when the TRÅDFRI binding supports ALL TRÅDFRI devices?

Not wanting to contradict Rich but if it says Alexa compatible are they not just reusing the Wemos hack which is a Udp broadcast? If so, it should be OK?

A tried and tested method I use is buy one and see :slight_smile: if it does work then you put it in the drawer :smile: