How to implement a openHAB 2.0 action

Hi there,

I thinking about implementing a new action to add (yet) another messaging app/service. I’m wondering if there is any guideline how to implement pure openHAB 2.0 actions. If I look at the addons repository of openHAB 2 I don’t find any action. All actions are implemented for openHAB 1. I already read that V1.x actions may be compatible but as I’m using V2.x I would prefer to implement against that platform rather than V1.x.

Is there any major difference between V1 and V2 actions?

Cheers, Kai

Just out of curiosity, are you thinking of pushbullet?

Short answer: No.

I already set up the Telegram action but my wife mentioned that group chats aren’t encrypted. For security and privacy reasons I’m going to implement an action based on Threema.

More choice is always better, especially if the choice goes into the “more secure” direction :smile:

One day I will finish writing that pushbullet action I am sitting on for at least the last two years… And if it is only so I can put a “finished” tag on that little subproject :blush:

Mh… so little responses make me feel that this issue is very unimportant. Nobody who can help and give an quick overview to the action API changes?

Hmmm… Actually, I plan on writing my action against OH 1.x and trust that they will be usable in the OH2 environment as well. That way, you can satisfy both worlds :smile:

There is no actions API in OH2. I wonder if they are actually needed, as I started with Oh in the 2.0 days and haven’t found a use case for them yet.

Cheers David

Well, sending an notification to yourself (via email, twitter, pushwhatever) when rainy weather is predicted and your sensors show that you left the windows open is more or less my standard use case for actions.

And, don’t forget the MQTT and HTTP actions to actively talk to other systems.