How to "install" addon when running from Eclipse

I am setting up my OH2 Eclipse dev environment per
So far, so good and I’m able to start OH2 from eclipse using openHAB_Runtime

I then cloned the zwave binding from and imported it into eclipse like the other addons

The question is, how do “install” the addon to use the eclipse source version as opposed to a static jar?


Not completly sure about the zwave bindign as it is in another repo but the usual way is to edit the Run configuration - select plugin and then tick the ones you want.

Details are also on this page but it’s just a single line that is easy to miss:

Thanks @neil_renaud, I totally missed the Run configuration. I cloned the zwave repo and imported it into the addons, then I checked it in the run configuration and I can see it loading.

My next issue is that I don’t see habmin when I run from eclipse like I do when running from the file. I assume it’s something similar but, from my analysis of, it doesn’t appear to be an addon.

@chris can you speak to how I would get habmin2 to appear when running from eclipse? I have the zwave addon installed successfully but I don’t see habmin as a UI option:

The easiest way is to do the same thing - import the repo into the workspace, then enable it in the run configuration dialog. Alternately, I think you can also import the JAR but I’ve not done this myself for a long time so I don’t recall exactly what options to use.

Reviving an old thread as I am setting up my development environment on a new laptop and am still having some trouble getting habmin working from eclipse

I selected org.openhab.ui.habmin in the run -> plugin dialog and I see it as an option when I connect to localhost (good):

But when I click it, I get a 404 error

Problem accessing /habmin/index.html. Reason ProxyServlet: /habmin/index.html

The other UI components are working so I’m a bit stumped