How to install an update of openhab2

I have tried to update to the latest openhab2 beta 1. (windows 10).
I toke the zip file and extracted on the folder of the previous version.
This seemed not the appropriate way to update because e.g. the addon.cfg file was overwriten.

So the question, how should a user update.

Save your /conf folder, save your myopenhab uuid and secret, delete everything under /opt/openhab2, copy the new files to opt/openhab2, copy your saved /conf folder and overwrite the newly installed /conf folder … so basically it’s the same as you were used to in openhab1.
As soon as the apt-get repo will be available this update process should be even more easier …

Edit: don’t copy the new files over the old files, you will have a mixup of new and old bindings in the karaf folder (if you are using the offline version) and that gives problems (guess how I know).

Have fun.

Thanks sihui.
There are some things missing.

  1. location of the data bases like rddj4 and logging I want to keep. Logs that are store under userdata/log.

  2. rddj4 location. I do not know where this is stored currently.

Doing so, it also requires that the user is using the addon.cfg to specify the addons that shall be loaded. Because I am assuming that the paper ui does not have a store that survives this installation. Is this correct?

It is sad that openhab2 does not have one folder where the data of the user can be stored.

Also it is not clear for me why by myopenhab is using this scattered files (secrets,uidd) which are not even at one folder. THMO ot would be much better, if myopenhab would be e.g. putting those information under services in a myopenhab.cfg file. Or atleast host a related folder under conf.
Thereby keep some consistency for the configuration and also easing the backup.

That is exactly what I found out while playing around with OH2.

Agreed :grin:
But as soon as we have found that little problem it is not a problem any more …