How to Install Eclipse SmartHome Designer?

I like to think I’m not an idiot, but Eclipse is challenging my view of my intelligence. How in the heck do you install this thing on a Mac? I downloaded the current version 0.9.0 .zip file and extracted it into my Applications folder, but I don’t see a program file to launch it with. I have a Macbook Pro with High Sierra installed. The documentation for this program seems sparse. Can anyone help? Thanks!


If you do a search, you’ll find some recent posts explaining ESHD is essentially EOL and replaced with VS Code and the openHAB extension. You’ll find information on both here…

Thanks Scott. I did do a search but I guess I didn’t use the right query. I guess I can go ahead and delete ESHD. I did already download VS as I wanted to compare the two. This news makes that comparison easy!

IMO, the VS Code extension has already surpassed the functionality of ESHD. And being able to start it in seconds vs. about a minute for ESHD is icing on the cake! This should be the latest extension and a good place for questions…


wow… thank you for your post… I have been using “ESHD” since I started a couple of months ago… (ignorance)

I have now installed VS and just opened all my files for the first time…(using the openhab extension)

this changes everything!

WOW, you guys are right! VSCE is amazing. I somehow broke ESHD and could not get it to work again. VSCE installed and no issues at all! Thank yo SO much for sharing!