How to install OH to RP4?

Hello community I am new to this and I would like you to help me how to install oh in me a raspberry pi 4 b of 1GB RAM, I tried loading the image of openhabian on the Sd but the rp4, does it work, could you help me?

As you are not giving that many details about the errors you are facing, I would first suggest to use the raspbian image for the raspberry 4 and install OH then via apt. Openhabian is based on an older image and therefore probably doesn’t work with the raspberry 4 (yet)

You can install Raspbian Lite on the Pi 4 & then follow the Linux install instructions for openHABian. That is the method I use at home. Just follow the other Linux instructions.

the image of OPENHABIAN for raspberry pi 4 where do I get it?

I do not think there is one yet. I would install NOOBS Lite & then Raspbian Lite.

Most probably you had the old openhabian 1.4.1 release, which doesn’t support the Pi4.
Since today the new 1.5 release is out with Debian Buster as base image which is required for RPi4, so now the RPi4 is officially supported

How much hustle is it currently to move an existing -mid sized- OH setup from a 3b to a new RPI4?
I’m really looking forward doing this, but I don’t quite know if it’s worth it yet …

Took around 3 hours for me to manually install it, so using the new image it will be a lot quicker. I have a lot of additional things to manage as will like

  • granting java access to port 80
  • configure vlan
  • install ssh keys
  • set up.replication on mosquitto
  • install subversion
  • configure dhcp in my router for the new mac aadr
  • setup.correct vlans in the switch for the new.rpi.
  • configure sudoers

I had old and new running in parallel, so last thing I did was to shut the old one off and.move the razberry zwave daughter card to the new rpi.

Basically when I launched openhab everything worked. Using openhab-cli with back up and restore


Just read the release notes of Buster, but for me it doesn’t sound like that an upgrade of the OS is necessary? Atm I don’t see a reason to update my rpi3b if it’s already running smoothly

If you plan to use the rpi4 you need to flash a new buster image. The old stretch-based images won’t work with rpi4. The openhabian 1.5 (latest version) are based on buster.

There will not be as many, if any OS patches for Stretch. Other than that I see no need to upgrade The OPenHABian scripts should work fine on Stretch, IMHO… I am currently staying on Stretch, personally.